Through the extensive evolutionary advancements achieved by the Acropolisian society, the time for alteration seemed evident. After nearly six centuries since the empire's initial foundation, the Acropolisian Republic (formally known as the Olantrian Federation) progressively demonstrated an increasingly vast quantity of revolutionary desires...Not by it's people, but by it's team of administration (the nexus).

The dawn of a new era was upon them. An Acropolisian union would soon be established under the intention of completely revising the republic into something more durable; something that would not so easily fall victim to ignorance as they once had previously. A new foundation...A new structure...A new empire.

Thus, from the ashes that soon ensued across the galaxy, the Olantrian Order was formed. The Olantrian Order is an Acropolisian union comprised of fundamentally scientific communities focused towards a more wholesome and prosperous future through means of rapid technological and evolutionary advancements. They conform themselves to a technocratic institutionalistic philosophical ideology: the idea that technical progress parallels Darwinism.

Intrigued with the insatious consumption of seemingly unlimited quantities of intelligence, the people of Olantria sought a new official goal: utilize and expand their knowledge beyond the limits previously ever achieved. By surpassing their mental extremes, this new union believed that they could transcend into omnipotence and become universally regarded as the most sentient individuals within the known dimension.

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